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Welcome to Dollymania's world of Dolls, Dolls Clothes and Traditional Rag Dolls.


Petite Retailer of the Year

Dollymania is the little sister site to Kiddymania and is dedicaRag dollsted to bringing you high quality traditional rag dolls, rag doll clothes, Corolle Dolls, Gotz Dolls plus our own Dolly Designs dolls clothes with the emphasis on “everything traditional”. ”.

We just love our Dolls and Dolls Clothes so we have sourced the very best dolls and dolls clothes that we could find, from our own Dolly Designs dolls clothes, to Corolle Dolls from France and play dolls from Gotz Dolls in Germany with their amazing range of matching dolls clothes plus a special range of dolls clothes just for our rag dolls. .

We now have pleasure in stocking Corolle Dolls clothes and Gotz Dolls clothes and we are looking forward to me new and exciting new lines from Gotz and Corolle very soon.

We are sure you will find the perfect dolls oufit for your special dolly here and with Christmas getting closer and closer we hope that you will find that perfect Christmas gift here at Dollymania.....and we all kow that Christmas is just around the corner.

From Pretty little Corolle Dolls such as the Calin range from Corolle Dolls, or the high quality Gotz Doll Hannah or even Baby Hannah from Gotz Dolls, or the fabulous soft bodied dolls from Petite Dolls Clothes range for which Kiddymania and Dollymania have won Petite Dolls Clothes retailer of the year!

We also love our ranges of Rag Dolls and Rag Doll clothes. We adore the wonderful new range of Fair Trade Bonkkia rag dolls and these are proving to be a firm favourite.

Traditional rag dolls and Fair Trade Rag dolls with their removeable dolls clothes and extra sets of rag doll clothes are our speciality and we are sure you will find a rag doll here to love forever.

We love the Groovy Girls range of fashion rag dolls but if your little one is a little young for these how about the Baby Stella First Rag doll with all of her range of dolls clothes anf accessories.

Dollymania just loves Dolls!!!!

Don't forget to have a browse around for our wonderful range of Dolls accessories too! A little girl just needs dolls!

I would like to stress that as with our sister site Kiddymania you can be assured of my dedication to quality and service with fast UK delivery.